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Few years ago I read an article on loading for the 45 Colt, that said that 800x was the perfect powder. Some time later I came across a good buy on a quanity of 800x.
I chose a medium point for starting and filled the powder measure on the Dillion. It took me a while to get the charge bar adjusted to the charge bar and began to fill cases.
I was on my 4th or 5th case when the powder dropped out of the expander/powder bar after the shell plate was at the botoom of the stroke. Powder went every where. I checked the previous cases and they were filled or partly filled.
I stopped, broke the powder measure and expander tube down to see if there was a problem there. Nothing appeared to be amiss. I reassembled the powder measure and started again, with the same result.
The flakes on the 800x appear to be larger then my usual Unique.
My question is.............. Is the powder bridging in the powder/ expander tube?
Has any one else experienced this problem?
Does any one have any suggestions on how to solve this problem? I have thought about polishing the powder/ expander tube to see if that helps.

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Hi, Arkypete:
  I don't have a Dillon, but getting a consistant charge of 800-X dinner plates through a MEC Sizemaster takes a bit of doing. First, I got rid of the adjustable charge bar and switched to a fixed bar and bushing. The adjustable bar doesn't centre under the powder bottle and a bit of the powder slot is covered. After I drop shot, which simultaneously drops powder into the bushing, I rap the bar three times with the heel of my hand. That keeps me within a couple of tenths of my 16.7 grain load. Max is 18.0 grains, so I have a good error margin.

  The opening in the 20 gauge drop tube measures about 0.4" and the opening at the bottom of the rammer tube is a bit bigger. I don't have a problem with 800-X hanging up in it. The powder drops about 10 inches, which probably helps. Your charge would be about half mine, so things could be a mite tight somewhere.

  Mr. Gates suggests washing meter parts in detergent to kill static cling. That might help.

  Several gunwriters have complained about 800-X's metering qualities, but it's the only powder I've found that gives me a low recoil load that will cycle a Beretta 301.


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I too find that 800x is my favorite powder for reloading the 20 gauge shotshell.

I also used it for a time in the .44 mag using .432"-280g WFNPB bullets at about 1100 fps.   I abandoned the chase however when the powder didn't meter properly from my dillon measure, and had the same results with my Redding BR3.   I since went to AA #5 which meters smooth as silk and is so uniform charge to charge, that weighing charges is perfunctory, except for checking occasional charges to ensure nothings changes while I crank on the Dillon.

I will tell you that I've had great success with 800X in handgun cartridges, but I weighed each and every charge for those loads that proved uniform!   I don't think that I would recommend using a progressive outfit of any description using this powder however, just for the reasons you describe!

Burn that powder, buy a 20 ga. and enjoy!  (good reason for a new gun... perhaps a Savage 24 O/U?)

Blessings to you!

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