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Hey Guys,

I'm getting ready to fire lap a Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt.  I've got 300 cast lead bullets that have been "Triple Lubed" by the manufacturer.  Bottom line ....  too much lube.  Is there an easy way to remove some of the lube or am I looking a a butter knife at the kitchen table kind of operation??  I don't need to remove all the lube but there's enough on these bullets to clog up my seating die quickly.

El Lobo in NM

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Depending on what the lube was made of, I have soaked the bullets in a can of Acetone for a while and stirred them a bit. Usually the lube just dissolves and falls off into solution.

Then strain out the bullets on an old rag and let dry.

Do this in a ventilated area.

Regards, Ray
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