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Nosler also has a 286gr. Partition in 9.3 caliber. If it can't be killed with that bullet, I don't think I want to be shooting at it!

Their #5 load manual shows the 286gr. Partition loaded up to 2,400fps, with the 250gr. Ballistic Tip loaded to just under 2,600fps. Max cartridge length was given as 3.290" or a bit less than the usual .30-06 and so on (3.340)"

I believe that the unusual 286 gr. weight is so that it will regulate in some double guns in other 9.3 cartridges (9.3x72R and 9.3x74R).

The 9.3x62 should not be confused with the 9.3x64 Brenneke, a much larger cartridge with powder capacity approaching the 'usual' belted magnums like .338 Win Mag. The 9.3 Brenneke cartridge is good for another 200-300fps over the 9.3x62.
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