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Friend hunted for two years with a Styer "Professional" of the synthetic stocked 9.3X62. He bought RWS AMMO at first, then reloaded the cases for the next two years. The only big-name bullet is a 270gr. Speer...not a bad bullet. He also used bullets by Hawk labs (have a web site...worth a look) and Barnes.

He's a pure hunter, and his reloads only had to meet the same accuracy standards as the RWS factory loads...not bad accuracy, on the order of 1.3" average, but one wonders what it could really do.

That light weight Steyr would recoil a bit...wasn't all that pleasant from the bench, and that may have had some effect on the decion not to proceed with more accuracy tests.

I was with him when he decked a whitetail, no big surprise as deer guns we have by the bussel. He topok it up north with him to Alaska and decked some bigger game (no bear)...sold it in Alaska before he moved back south after the second winter.

Can't speak of molds first hand...he didn't cast. Even though they wee .002" too small, did pull some 9mm MAK ammo and used the little 98gr. FMJ .361" bullets as 'plinkers' for him.
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