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Hi -

I hope you can help me start loading cast bullets for my big game rifle. The rifle is a M98 in 9,3x64 with a 24" barrel from Hyem in absolute perfect conditions. The 9,3x64 is wery close to the 375HH and the cast loads will only be for (indoor) practice to get familiar with the boomer. For hunting I will stay with the Nosler Partition 285 grain.

To get started I have just got a mould for .366 caliber flat nose bullets at app. 250 grain and no gas checks ! I have also found a lot of loads using fast powders from SR4759 to Bulleye. "The load" of 13 grain Red Dot sounds good since the velocity will be low at app. 1300-1400 fps and no need for fillers. I dont want burning fillers flying around since my indoor shooting range (15 and 25 meters) contains a lot of wood. The loading by Paco using SR4759 looks great too, again with no fillers needed.

My mayor problem is, that I only have acces to powder from VV like N310 and N320 ect. ! No american brands please.

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Per, welcome to our forum!

Great question!

In loading the plain based 250 grain cast bullets for your 9.3x64, and wanting a low velocity load for indoor shooting applications try these loads using Vihtavuori Powders:

.366"-250g PB/13.0 grains N3SL/1300-1350 fps.
.366"-250g PB/14.5 grains N320/1350-1400 fps.

These loads should be very uniform in terms of velocities and performance.  Also, because of the bulk of these powders no filler is necessary and they should not be overly sensitive to powder position in the case.

In loading those plain based cast bullets, be sure to use an "M" type case expander die to facilitate seating the plain bases into the case without shaving lead, and to insure straight seating of the bullets!

I hope that these loads will help you out!  Let us know how your project with that new boomer comes out!

God Bless,

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