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'92 .45 Colt at the range

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Have been getting used to the Skinner peep and the higher Marble's gold bead front sight.

Shooting the 20" octagonal barreled '92.

Had some 250 gr rnfp with some IMR 4227, and some Blue Dot. 20 mile and hour cross wind made windage a problem at 100 yards, but got the elevation dialed in nicely. Shooting some nice groups if you think 8-10' is a group. Much better at 50 yds. Shooting 6 o'clock at 50 for dialed in at 100. I can live with that in a brush gun.
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The chronograph at the range was down, so I didn't test these. From other loads I've worked up I'm thinking around 1,100.

The 50 yard shots are high. I need to put the front sight on the bottom of the target to get center hits. I'm saying about 3" high at 50 yards gives me pretty close to center at 100. Iron sights and old eyes are a challenge. Lucky for me deer have a pretty big kill zone.

I have a few guns with scopes for those serious hunts. My first few deer were taken with open sights, my last few might be as well.
I doubt that I'd take a shot at a deer at 100 yards with that gun unless it was a pretty good sight picture. Most of the deer hunting I do in Western Oregon is in brush/clearings. Good opportunities often come real close, real quick
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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