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:mad:I picked up this 94 ae in 44 a couple weeks ago and went to the range today. Well it looks nice but wont lift the round and chamber it all the way. I had to single load it. I tried 4 different rounds and no go. I bought a 94 ae 357 last year and it had proublems too. I guess I should got a clue about the 94ae,s. Can anyone give me advise? :mad:

The Mdl 94AEs in .357 are problematic, it's the one handgun caliber that the Win 94AE should not have been made in.

Winchester made several modifications to the long 94 action to make it compatible with the shorter rounds. The .45 Colts (I have one) and the .44 Mags work well. They are fat cartridges whose rims match closely that of the original 30-30 round.

If the 94 you got is new it will probably be stiff and cranky. It might need cleaned or lubed or both.

If everything is right you won't need to slam the lever back and forth to make them work, that is abuse. However most of them do need to be operated with intent. A solid down stroke to the bottom then a solid stroke of the lever back up. No jiggling, no stopping half way, just one motion down to stop and one motion back up to closed.

Now you said it "wont lift the round and chamber it all the way", at what point does it stop chambering the round? Does the carrier even get the round to the chamber? A bit more info about this would help.

The 94AEs are not overly finicky about COAL as the Marlins and 92 copies are. But they do have their limits.

So, clean it, lube it, and try it again then come back and give us some more info if it's still being cranky.

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