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i just bought a 9422 but cant find it in the blue book.its a national wild turkey federation gun.both sides have turkeys in gold.on one side is one in full strut and on the other side is i guess 2 jakes.jakes, north americas youth.2001 is also on this side.straight grip stock with no checkering .anyone have any info on this gun and value?


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FWIW, A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose - and so it goes with 9422's.

Winchester, like some other gunmakers, occassionally make special runs/orders of guns for various customers/organizations - like the National Wild Turkey Federation and Ducks Unlimited, to name only two.

Those especially-embellished guns, while held near/dear by members of the particularly honored organization, may not be valued as highly by a non-interested persons - and sometime MUCH less value than an undecorated gun in the same condition.

Anybody can surf CLOSED (i.e, "sold") auctions of 9422's in the same overall condition (orig blue/stock finish), see what they've been selling for lately - and use that as a rough value for their gun.

As noted above, if a commemorative WAS to be sold, it may well bring much more, or much less - depending upon to whom it is matketed & bought by.

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