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A 1911 style pistol for the shooting range

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Hey Every one,
I am going to the Gun Show at Ft Worth this saturday and was wondering if you guys could give me some advice. I have shot the Para and the S&W before and I like them both. I am looking for a 1911 chambered in the .45 ACP and have the following guns in mind:

1. Para Ordnance P14
2. S&W 1911
3. Kimber BP-10
4. Colt (Gvt Model)
5. Springfield Armory
6. Sig GSR

I am a student and cannot afford to buy a Wilson Combat or a STI but if you guys can give me your opinions regarding the guns mentioned from 1 to 6, I would be much obliged. I am looking for a used pistol with a price tag of upto $700.

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S&W for sure.

In the last gun show I was at S&W's 1911 were selling from $700 to $850 new in the box. I have a model #108282 and it has never jammed and I have shot factory hot and cold, pulse I reload and have shot everything but the kitchen sink in it. I am going to buy one at the gun show in July. I have shot just about all the major names. It's S&W for me from now on. :)
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