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I shall tell you the sad tale of something that happened to a central Iowa shooter about a month ago.  Fortunately, nobody was injured so you may laugh if you wish.
Our hero had bought himself a .480 Ruger revolver earlier this summer.  He heard a number of things about this new round from his various shooting buddies, at least one of which proved to be very wrong.  When it came time for him to reload his empty brass, he rounded up the appropriate components, and with those in hand along with loading data for the .475 Linebaugh, he proceeded to assemble his first rounds.  He then went to a nearby range to test them.  You guessed it.  His cylinder let go on the first round.  Somehow his revolver's frame was undamaged, which should tell us something about just how stout the Super Redhawk really is.  Fortunately, nobody was hurt other than our hero's pride and wallet, once Ruger gets his gun fixed.
Lessons?  Our hero ventured into some faintly charted waters on the basis of hearsay.  Had he reread the aticles that have appeared in the gun press since the .480 came out, or made a phone call to the tech people at one of the ammo or component companies, he would have been set straight.  Had he compared the OAL of his fired brass to the dimensional drawings that I know are in the Hodgdon and Hornady manuals, and perhaps others, he would have realized he had a problem.  Ultimately, he wasn't very carefull about which sources he believed.  We have all met the self-proclaimed "experts" who in reality aren't smart enough to pour waste product out of a boot with instructions on the heel.  Apparantly the fellow who told him that the .480 and Linebaugh are the "exact same round" is one of them.  We should all be very carefull about letting things that are obviously wrong or stupid pass unrefuted, because somebody might actually believe it.  And ANYBODY who takes up loading their own needs to do so with the understanding that one miscue can result in a wrecked gun or lost fingers!
Good shooting

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