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Dear Marshall,
I read your article on the 444..Great job!  Before elk season, I tried some of the 330's and they were over 2 feet low @ 100yds.  With the rear sight adjusted all the way up, it would hit point of aim with the Remington Factory 240's @ 100yds with the rear sight all the way up.  I wound-up taking a 6 X 7 Bull @ 15yds with a neck shot.  The factory 240grn load did not even exit the vertebrate, low on the neck.  I really need to convince my 444P that the 330's are the way to go.  I understand there is a manual available from Beartooth and I am going to order and study it.  Will fire-lapping really take care of that much deviation from straight and level flight?  *I did load-up 30 rounds of the 330's as you said to for my SRH, then took it to the range.  They are striking the target about 8" high @ 50yds compared to point of aim for the 240grn loads.  Is that normal due to the extra recoil?  Any tutoring you could lend would be greatly appriciated Marshall.
Your freind in Coeur d'Alene,
God Bless - Brian
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