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This afternoon I had occasion to be browsing Midway's website and ran into a few problems with down servers and a problem with the lovely PIN number being accepted.

Well, I took Larry up on his offer to feel free to e-mail him with any suggestions or problems that you are experiencing with his company. So I sent an e-mail outlining just that.

Low and behold I get an e-mail back exactly 1 hour later from him stating that he would be taking care of the problems and thanked me for bringing them to his attention. He also asked that I give the website another chance and don't write it off.

Folks, this guy knows what customer service is. He must have been talking with Marshall about it! Seriously, I will give the site another try and I appreciated this man's candor in this matter.

Looks like another good company to deal with in the long run.

Regards All

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