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A great read...

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I have just finished an excellent book, by Eric Jay Dolin. It is "Fur, Fortune & Empire; The Epic History of the Fur Trade in America" It's title pretty much tells the tale. It is a great read! It pretty much takes you across the country on the back of the beaver and others. You will enjoy this.:D
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great reads

For period reading - the French and Indian wars, the American revolution - try these three by Kenneth Roberts - Northwest Passage, Rabble in Arms, and Arundel.
Great stuff, histrorically accurate, well-written.
Frank: Arundel was, IIRC, Robert's first novel. It is one of three that comprise what is called "the Arundel Chronicles" (the other two are Captain Caution and The Lively Lady). Arundel is many things - my favorite Roberts' book for one - adventure story, political story, a story of unrequited and requited love, of strategy and revenge in a war from an age gone by.
In brief, the tale revolves around Benedict Arnold's gathering a force in Arundel, Maine and their doomed march up the Kennebec River to attack Quebec. Great stuff.
Phoebe Marvin - one of the great females in modern lit.
One reviewer said it this way:
5.0 out of 5 stars Pinnacle of American Historical Fiction
ARUNDEL is quite simply the finest historical novel that I have ever read.
It is also one of the finest works of American fiction, period.

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