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A hunting article in WHAT magazine?!

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I just got my monthly NWTF newsletter and in it, they mention that the magazine started by Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine, includes an article written by a young woman going on her first wild turkey hunt. Below is a link to the online article...

I am taking the time to register on that site, so I can comment on hunting and the growing role of women hunters. I was initially very surprised to see Oprah allowing this article to be printed in her magazine, but then I got to thinking about it a little more. Oprah is a VERY smart lady, who has become quite wealthy and influential by understanding modern women...she is not going to ignore the trend of more female hunters going afield each year. I am reluctant to applaud her decision to publish the article, because I don't know what her personal feelings really are, but it is encouraging to see a mainstream magazine, outside of the hunting industry, recognizing the positive and growing influence of hunting on women in this country.
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. . . the magazine started by Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine, includes an article written by a young woman going on her first wild turkey hunt. . .
Was a good story, but I have to question her motives... the article did send a good message though.
had you guys not posted this I never would have known O had a hunting article. Go figure. I think these instances mentioned likely have more to do with the feminist movement than in supporting or promoting hunting. on the one hand they cast hunting in a positive light but only because it was a woman at the trigger. not that I find anything wrong with women hunting but I doubt these publications will ever have an article that paints a man who hunts in a positive way for the sake of the hunting/shooting sports or gun rights and it's role in society.
I think you nailed it on the head.
I had to think about what you were saying, but you're right. This article probably wasn't about "hunting", as much as it was about women being empowered to do what they want, including controversial sports, such as hunting. Nonetheless, women vote, and raise children, and discuss magazine articles in "O" magazine with other women, so regardless of why the article was included, the net result is a positive affirmation of women in the outdoors.

I guess I look at it like this...if we count on the "good ol' boy club" to keep our hunting and 2nd amendment rights intact, we're in a lot of trouble. Call it the feminist movement or just call it progress, but ladies are getting into the sports of hunting and shooting in unprecedented numbers. From my perspective, nothing could be more valuable to the future of all the shooting sports than for women to be involved. On a more finite scale, I just enjoy having my family with me on hunts. I'm glad to see a major magazine encouraging women to join us in the outdoors.
It would be interesting to know where a lot of the feminist hunters stand on the 2nd amendment...wouldnt be surprised if many were in favor of strictly hunting/sporting rifles.. maybe I am just paranoid, but that could be part of there evil scheme... if there is an evil scheme i suppose...
As long as the net affect is positive towards shooting/hunting gun rights I won't be writing letters to the editors of O or to the editorial desk at NPR asking that they rethink the entries. I too think it is extremely good for the sport and our way of life to push the topics into the main stream of the media and do so in a positive way.

As for how a true feminist/hunter views gun rights... my guess would be a true and militant feminist would not think twice about denying a man gun rights and while she is still fully armed, hunting him down in the woods... Feminism isn't about equality in my opinion, who would want to be equal anyway.
I could not agree with you more. well said.
Well, i guess the leap was made because of all we know about oprah. I think its a legit fear that left wing millitant feminists will build something up, to tear something else down.

Agree with you broom, female hunters are not a problem, we need more of them. Just have a hard time wrapping my mind around oprah wanting to do any of this for the right reason. As far as the article, it was great. Just hope it doesnt have alterior motives. Cant be too paranoid about this stuff.

Also, i dont think helix was saying anything was left wing feminine millitant like in the article, think that was more so directed towards a comment i made.

On another note...there are quite a few articles in various hunting magazines that tell of female hunters and there successes. I think its kind of natural too second guess the motives of something like this, given the circumstances. I dont think anyone is demonizing the article, that would be a disservice in itself..

One thing that i do find "ODD" is that this woman works for FEILD and STREAM, yet her hunting story is in oprahs magazine..
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