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A hunting article in WHAT magazine?!

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I just got my monthly NWTF newsletter and in it, they mention that the magazine started by Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine, includes an article written by a young woman going on her first wild turkey hunt. Below is a link to the online article...

I am taking the time to register on that site, so I can comment on hunting and the growing role of women hunters. I was initially very surprised to see Oprah allowing this article to be printed in her magazine, but then I got to thinking about it a little more. Oprah is a VERY smart lady, who has become quite wealthy and influential by understanding modern women...she is not going to ignore the trend of more female hunters going afield each year. I am reluctant to applaud her decision to publish the article, because I don't know what her personal feelings really are, but it is encouraging to see a mainstream magazine, outside of the hunting industry, recognizing the positive and growing influence of hunting on women in this country.
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Here's a little feedback on the subject.

I use my laptop at customer sites. Some of these folks are a bit, well, on the vegetarian side of things in the Austin area, to put it bluntly.

One day, forgetting I had set my background picture to that of my wife skinning a rather large pig (that she killed on Mother's day, no less), I left my laptop on where some of the clients could see it.

They were at once interested in what the picture was about. When it became known that a woman had shot the pig, well, you could not pry them away from the subject. I guess they were enamored of the 'girl power' on display.

I'm glad that her picture put hunting in a positive light. If that's what it takes......
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