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A hunting article in WHAT magazine?!

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I just got my monthly NWTF newsletter and in it, they mention that the magazine started by Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine, includes an article written by a young woman going on her first wild turkey hunt. Below is a link to the online article...

I am taking the time to register on that site, so I can comment on hunting and the growing role of women hunters. I was initially very surprised to see Oprah allowing this article to be printed in her magazine, but then I got to thinking about it a little more. Oprah is a VERY smart lady, who has become quite wealthy and influential by understanding modern women...she is not going to ignore the trend of more female hunters going afield each year. I am reluctant to applaud her decision to publish the article, because I don't know what her personal feelings really are, but it is encouraging to see a mainstream magazine, outside of the hunting industry, recognizing the positive and growing influence of hunting on women in this country.
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my coment as to militant feminism was directed at a prior coment relating to how that particular leaning related to gun rights. It didn't have anything to do with the O article's writer. if you read the whole thread I think you'll see there was no leaping going on, we were exploring the motivations of the publishers for publishing content outside their normal subject matter.
OK, my mistake, then...I must have missed the context in which you were making that statement.
Some of these folks are a bit, well, on the vegetarian side of things
vegetarian is an old indian word thats means poor hunter:D:rolleyes:
Was a good story, but I have to question her motives... the article did send a good message though.

Id bet her motives all had a presidents picture on them!!!
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