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I'm having Mountain Molds build me a 348 mold. He doesn't have a model 71 to test for feeding (of his initial design) and I live too far away to be much help to him. His initial design called for a 77% meplat of about .268 diameter.

I said great provided it will feed through the rifle and he has no way of finding out by testing in a rifle. The design really looked like it would deliver a punch.

On looking at your 245 grain I note the meplat is .215. Is this size dictated by function of the rifle or was it arrived at through other process?

Your bullet also appears to be crimped on the front edge of the forward band. Are throats non existent in these rifles or was that a matter of designing to the weight you wanted?

Your assistance will be appreciated and I have no means at hand to make a chamber cast to help him out.

Many thanks.
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