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I would respecrfully suggest that you don't need local "help" to send your rifle to Browning.

If it were mine, I would remove the barreled action from the stock, and send only it directly to Browning - perfectly legal for ANY gun owner to do w/o using an FFL; and also perfectly legal to receive their own firearm back, also w/o going through an FFL.

I would pad/wrap the barreled action and trot down to the nearest US Post Office, and ask the Postal Clerk how much it would cost to mail it to Browning, with insurance against damage/loss.

I would wager it's less than $45 - and if it's a warranty repair, Browning would most likely return it by paying the shipping.

If they do, I would additionally ask re-imbursement for the first postage, too.

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