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A Struggle to Disarm People Without Gun Rights

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Interesting article in the New York Times online site.."A Struggle to Disarm People Without Gun Rights".

Not about new or more gun laws, but the struggle to enforce the laws already on the books and the tools
for addressing people who purchased the firearm legally but since have become felons, adjudicated as a mental defective, domestic violence, etc..

My opinion is this issue is critical, but want to guess where the law makers/enforcers will concentrate.....10 round limit for magazines !! A lot easier for them to process and a heck of a lot cheaper.
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The anti-gunners' solution to gun violence is and has been counter to all evidence of what actually works. They just can't get their brain around the fact that good people with guns don't harm anyone unless it is for defensive purposes. They just can't fathom the fact that guns in the hands of good people is a good thing for those who love freedom. They just don't understand. The analogy is it is like saying to help prevent you from getting the flu we want to inject you with the flu; therefore, in order to prevent gun violence we need more good people to arm themselves. It makes perfect sense.

You are correct, though. They will keep concentrating on banning more and more attempting to reach their goal of just agents of the government being armed instead of working on enforcing laws already on the books.
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And the public ignorance can be equally frustrating. A woman is quoted in a recent Time Magazine saying, "apparently the NRA doesn't realize the Arizona shooter was disabled by unarmed citizens." Yeah, after the time elapsed for him to shoot 19 people. I'm not particularly quick, but my timed draw from concealment and firing three shots is 3.8 seconds. I would like to think he would have had a lot less than "19 people" time.
Yeah, that is a ridiculous statement. Wooly mammoths were killed by people with what. I guess it would be against the rules for them to inject logic into the discussion.
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