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A Struggle to Disarm People Without Gun Rights

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Interesting article in the New York Times online site.."A Struggle to Disarm People Without Gun Rights".

Not about new or more gun laws, but the struggle to enforce the laws already on the books and the tools
for addressing people who purchased the firearm legally but since have become felons, adjudicated as a mental defective, domestic violence, etc..

My opinion is this issue is critical, but want to guess where the law makers/enforcers will concentrate.....10 round limit for magazines !! A lot easier for them to process and a heck of a lot cheaper.
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i like to think that in stanly co. n.c. ,, this guy would have been taken out a lot quicker..mabe not,but most people here know that in a group
of 10 people picked at random .. 3-4 are gonna be armed..that would be my guess.. now if everyone who opts to carry, would learn to use the tool they have chosen for protection..
now in a perfect world nobody would have to carry and there would not be those who want absolute power within our gov t..but thats only gonna be when the only one capable of handleing absolute power,is in charge here on earth..its not a perfect world ,huh.
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