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A Struggle to Disarm People Without Gun Rights

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Interesting article in the New York Times online site.."A Struggle to Disarm People Without Gun Rights".

Not about new or more gun laws, but the struggle to enforce the laws already on the books and the tools
for addressing people who purchased the firearm legally but since have become felons, adjudicated as a mental defective, domestic violence, etc..

My opinion is this issue is critical, but want to guess where the law makers/enforcers will concentrate.....10 round limit for magazines !! A lot easier for them to process and a heck of a lot cheaper.
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> "apparently the NRA doesn't realize the Arizona shooter was disabled by unarmed citizens."

That is where that article is 100% wrong. He was stopped by a concealed weapons holder that was ready to shoot him and instead opted to sit on the guy. When a 200 pound guy decides to sit on your neck it makes fighting back a bit harder then usual. The old guy was on the losing end of the fight and was about to get shot when the 200 pound concealed weapons guy threw the felon to the ground and sat on his neck.

I say 200 pounds because he looked hefty when I saw him OTR.

This is where they distort the story, the old lady did not get involved until the 200+ concealed permit holder had thrown the well built felon to the ground and sat on top of his neck and then the older guy got on top too. Then when the felon reached for his extra magazine, the old lady took it away.

This would have turned out much worse if the CCW holder had not been there, able to defend himself, and brave enough and big enough to make a difference.

> but my timed draw from concealment and firing three shots is 3.8 seconds.

We have not seen the tapes, but, I estimate from my meager skills, the killer took at least 22 seconds to aim at and shoot at that many (19) people, and I am sure I practice a bit more at the range then the killer since he did not even have ammo until right before the shooting.

The Fort Hood shooter killed and wounded many more people with a .45 and lower capacity magazines. He had better training then the guy in Tucson, but, he went down as soon as he met someone else that was armed.

If you stand up amid a crowd of people and start shooting people while standing in the same spot, your chance of standing for more then a few seconds diminish once people with guns and training start shooting at you. The Fort Hood shooter lasted what, all of
ten seconds ? once the police knew who was doing the killing.

I am sure if there was a Marine with a knife and concealed .45 sitting in the front row, we would have had a burial instead of a trial and a 9 year old girl would still be alive.
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