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A Struggle to Disarm People Without Gun Rights

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Interesting article in the New York Times online site.."A Struggle to Disarm People Without Gun Rights".

Not about new or more gun laws, but the struggle to enforce the laws already on the books and the tools
for addressing people who purchased the firearm legally but since have become felons, adjudicated as a mental defective, domestic violence, etc..

My opinion is this issue is critical, but want to guess where the law makers/enforcers will concentrate.....10 round limit for magazines !! A lot easier for them to process and a heck of a lot cheaper.
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[quote RifleFan]
They just can't get their brain around the fact that good people with guns don't harm anyone unless it is for defensive purposes. quote]

Your absolutely right, 100%. There depraved thinking is that they will get guns out of the hands before people might kill someone or get involved in a crime, while they work to free felons and kill off the unborn and old people who are sickly. :mad:

I don't understand anything about Libs, they just don't make any comman sence, especially since we have the current history available to them of other countries that have tried this. Are they wanting to tyrn our whole country into ruthless killers and scoundrells? :eek::mad:
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