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Many thanks for your response to!  Thanks too for your patience as we have worked the bugs out of the system.   Last night Alex put the final touches on the programming, getting the access problems some of you have experienced cured!   It is finished on that regard!

As you can tell by the counter on the LoadSwap, we are getting nearly 2,000 visitors per day!   The number of loads in the database is growing, but just think if even half of the folks coming daily would take the time to enter even one load, how quickly your resource would grow!  

We envisioned this as a user driven resource with proven loads from its users, not more canned book loads, but data that has proven itself.  This resource will only reach its true rich potential when user interaction is a two way proposition.

We are glad that many have found the resource useful, and look forward to seeing some of the great loads we know the visitors here have developed over the years.

Let us know how we can make LoadSwap a better tool for you!

God Bless,

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