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Novice with a few questions here so please bear with me as I'm sure that this is not rocket science to those of you who have been loading cast lead bullets for a while.

I was looking through my latest Midway-USA catalog and I saw their listings for the Lyman "M" dies. I can see that they list a "short" and "long" for certain calibers for cartridge cases less than 1.950" and more than 1.950" That would mean, as an example, that a .35 Remington case would require a "35 short" M die and a .356/.358 Winchester or .35 Whelen would require a "35 long" M die, correct?

I have noticed that some of these M dies seem to be caliber specific and in that case there is no need to be concerned about "short" or "long", correct?

Last of all, am I right to assume that these M dies are to be used after the cases have been re-sized, trimmed, chamfered and de-burred?

Thanks for the help. I'm trying to learn all that I can before diving head first into cast lead bullets in my rifles. So far, much of the other info I have obtained at BTB has kept me from making mistakes as I knew nothing about cast lead bullets before I found this site.
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