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My wife to be bought me a Marlin 917VS 17 HMR with a Swift Premier 6-18 X 44 scope for X-mass . i got it sighted in at 25 yards and then move out to a 100 yard target , it shot dead one at 25 and about 4 in high at 100 . does this seem right ? then today me and my lil borther went out to shoot today and at 22 yards i was hitten a lil high and to the right . it dont make since to me . i have not bumped my scope . after doing a search on here and some looking else where i think my scope has a very pin point cross arrowers , would that be enough to make me off at that range. now i do have mill dots in my scope but dont know much about them things . oh and at 100 yards does this gun have this much rise ? any way any help will be taken in withh a open mind .
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Well, 4 inches high at 100 yards sounds just fine to me. That should make you on at 25 yards, and again at around, maybe, 350 yards?

Edit: Just reread your said .17 HMR, and on my mind was the .17 Remington. Sorry about that. I can't recall the performance of a .17 HMR, off hand...I"ll have to do some digging.
sounds like you got a variable scope like varies according to how much my hand shakes on a given day:).
for real mabe you scope settled in an now just sight it back in,, an it might be right.. just my guess.. if its the same tommorrow .. go a 1/4 dn an 1/4 to left.. adjust from there.. slim ..
ps never shot a 17 though.. could a steady light wind affect that lil rnd at 25 fast ball used to hop an wiggle some..but it wasn t consistent ..they brought me in when the opposing pitcher hit more than one of our batters..then took me out before i ever came to bat..i wasn t going to bat whether the coach took me out or not,,though..i was a roll player..
i may not have finished third grade but my mamma didn t raise no fool..
thanks for the responce's kepp any other info you have coming plzz . i know im gonna need to do more shooting and get to know the gun a bit better .
Were you using the same ammo? Are these measured distances? Dead-on at 25, 3" high at 100, dead on again ~275 has been a common formula with high intensity centerfire cartridges for about a hunnert years.

When you say "a lil high and to the right", exactly how much did it move? Are you shooting from a stable rest? What kind of groups are you getting at 25 and 100? I think if you gather up all of this information, you'll probably figure out where things are going weird on you, but be sure to tell us what it was, ok?

broom will that little rnd actually hold up to those ballistics.. only way i can see it doing that successfuly would be ..if you were in a vacuum..
this is a real question ,,not being critical.:) slim
Check the scope mount screws, and the scope ring screws to make sure they are tight. If they aren't tight enough the scope can move around under recoil.
As far as distance goes, the height of your rings can have an effect on where the bullet hits at different distances. If you plan to shoot at 100 yards, sight it in at 100, then go back and check it at 50, and at 25, but do not adjust it. Then check it at 100 again, and if it is off your scope is junk or is moving in the mounts.
Good luck!
thanx guys im gonna go out to the shooting liane to day and try to get it dead on at 100 yards . i'm gonna check all that yall have talked about so far . i'll be taking a tape with me and gatting hard numbers along with pics to post up . this way ya'll can see the diff groups . my nabor has the lane and it has a rest with shooting vise , a target at 25 , 100 , 200 , yards . if the wind is not to bad ill get it dead on at 100y and then shoot the 25y and see what happenes .
I have shot the 17 hmr tons with my grandpa squirrel hunting and everything else. he always sights his guns in at 25 yards as well so i am very familiar on how the gun shoots at your ranges. i dont know if i agree with the 25 yards zero or not but hey i got used to it so i am sure it will work, i just thought a 50 yard zero would be much better. it would be a smaller arc to deal with for shots that a 17 can handle without a second thought. ok back to the question. yes it will have that much rise at 100 yards if it is sighted in at 25 yards. the barrel is approx. 1.5 inchs lower than the scope so it is rising 1.5in. in 25 yards so it is still climbing at right round 100 yards. i have found that thats where it will top off and around 150 will be almost dead on. again thats with my grandpas gun and with his bullets but it should be pretty close. i will say that is without me even sighting the gun but based on my hit to miss ratio it cant be far off. shooting turtles off logs on the pond will tell you where your shooting, but remember kids dont try this at home. i would try to zero it at 50 yard and try that as well, it would be less of an arc and for shots from 25 to 150 yards it will only have a maximum difference of around 2 to 3 inches instead of 4in. over 150 yards is stretching the ol 17 a little bit anyways. hope this helps
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i got to do some shooting today and came up with a few new thoughts on myt scope and gun . so here what happened lol. i get over to the nabors and get set up ( now my gun is hittion dead on at 25 yards ) target in place at 100 yards . fire three rounds and take the walk to see and mark where i hit . im at about 3 inchs high and about 3/4 inchs left . now im thinking , down 25 clicks and over 5 . buzzzzzzzzz wrong answer , now im hitting about 9 inches low ( 3 more rounds ) . so back up 20 clicks and im to high again by about 2 inchs but dead on left and right . Ha hahaha i pulled to get that hahahah . so thinking again and i go back down 8 clicks ( gonna go a lil at a time this go around ) . BAM im in the ornge and its a 2" X 2" [] . i reload and set up again , now i put a 2 x2 [] in the middle and a 1" O in the top and bottem of the target . in all four corners and half way up and down i placed one also . im thinking see what kinda group i can do with five shoots and what do you know all five iinside a 1 "O . so im on at 100 yards now to see what it will do at 25 yards and yup im way low , i was shooting at a gord on top of the target post . to see how low i was i set my ornge dot on the center of a old target thats there and fire on at it , im about 7 inches low . thinking after reading a lil more on my scope , and know now at a 100 yard each mill is 3.5 inches . so i drop down two and fire off at that gord again , BOOOOOOM gord go everywhere so i line up on one laying there and same thing it explodes . no back to the target to see just how close i am on at 25 useing the dots I line up and pull one off i hit just low of the bulls eye . now if im dead on at 100 y and almost dead on useing the 2nd mill dot down at 25 then the frist mill dot must be close at 50 right ?

the scope

the gun
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broom will that little rnd actually hold up to those ballistics.. only way i can see it doing that successfuly would be ..if you were in a vacuum..
this is a real question ,,not being critical.:) slim
Slim, those numbers (in the 17HMR) would only apply between 25 yards and 100 yards, based on a standard scope height of 1.5"...that tiny bullet would lose velocity and drop quickly before 275, I would imagine. Those numbers are really more for 24-30 caliber, high-intensity rounds based on 308, '06, or shortened H&H cases. I have sighted in many center-fire rifles by first zeroing at 25 yards and then being very near the 3" high at 100, that I prefer.
yep i know what you talkin .. i was taught to sight in at 50 yrds dead on.. it left me close to 2 high in the 06 that i prefer..slim
tex do you sure nuff live up to that pit name.. not many do..not critisizing the ones that don t.. i admire thier courage..always have...but that don t mean thier smart..well some ofum is smart fighters mabe..grin
guess i could do a post about my dogs if yall wanted to see them. tex is the best dog I have ever owned . as for me yeah i hold up to the pit name , im very loyal , my word is always good ( i mean why not have a good word , man in a hole dont carre to much for a lie , back stabbing punk wanna be ) . i dont start no junk but i dont put up with much eather lol so yeah this dog will hunt if need be . realy tho the name come for me breeding , selling , and training pits and dog alike . all my friends started calling me pit bull and it kinda stuck , ive been dealing with pits since i was 13 . got my frist one for 4-H to show

this is tex doing PP work.

we also use him for hunting hogs and tracking other game . he also has his CGC and rehab certs so if i want to i can take him into old folk homes and let them pet and play with him . he is very smart .
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