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Accurizing a rifle

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Hey everyone. I had a few questions about what you could do to make a rifle more accurate. the things i really know of are pillar bedding and glass bedding the stock ( im not sure what one is better). and there were a few other things. I really want to be able to do a lot of work at home because it would be enjoyable to me and i wont have to find a gunsmith because i live in NJ and you cant find any haha. So i was hopeing you could tell me what projects could be done to enhance my rifle preformace that i would be able to do myself and if some requires a little training i would like to know anyway bc i would like to be tought stuff. again i would like to do a lot on my own because it would be fun and feel good knowing i did the work on my rifle.... Thanks for your time!!
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Personally, I've fire-lapped a couple of guns, and lapped the lugs on a few as well. I've not had fire-lapping improve accuracy, but I have had it reduce fouling. However, Ultra Bore Coat (called UBC on many sites) did as much or more to reduce fouling as anything else I've tried.

The CZ whose lugs I lapped saw significant improvement in group size afterwards. The smaller lug was essentially not even touching the receiver!

As for lug lapping your Savages, there are a couple of things to be aware of. First, the second set of 'lugs' (which don't actually bear any firing force, they just re-direct gas away from the shooter in the event of a cartridge failure) can easily smudge or wipe off your markings when you're trying to determine whether your lugs are bearing equally on the receiver. This can fool you into thinking you have a different level of lug-receiver contact that you really have. Second, Savage/Stevens rifles use a floating bolt head, so it can rock/tilt slightly off-axis from the bolt body. Thus, if something's not quite entirely square between the bolt body and the receiver/barrel, the bolt head will tilt and still give you even lock-up. Theoretically, then, it wouldn't ever be necessary to lap Savage or Stevens bolt lugs.
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