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Accurizing a rifle

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Hey everyone. I had a few questions about what you could do to make a rifle more accurate. the things i really know of are pillar bedding and glass bedding the stock ( im not sure what one is better). and there were a few other things. I really want to be able to do a lot of work at home because it would be enjoyable to me and i wont have to find a gunsmith because i live in NJ and you cant find any haha. So i was hopeing you could tell me what projects could be done to enhance my rifle preformace that i would be able to do myself and if some requires a little training i would like to know anyway bc i would like to be tought stuff. again i would like to do a lot on my own because it would be fun and feel good knowing i did the work on my rifle.... Thanks for your time!!
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Clean all the Copper out of the bore.
Get the stock to stop touching the barrel.
Load some ammo; a) concentric, b) expensive bullets, c) chamfer inside of neck, d) seat long so bullet jams into lands
Get a $200 high power scope.
Go to the range when there is no wind.
Practice dry firing until the cross hairs stay on the bullseye.

Shoot a bunch of groups and average the size.
You have established a baseline... should be ~ 1.5"

Now pay $4K and get:
Get a $2k high power scope
2 ounce trigger to replace 5 pound trigger
Chase the threads of the action
Lapp the lugs into the lug abutments
Get a Titanium firing pin
Weigh the brass
De burr the flash holes
Re crown the muzzle
glass bed the barreled action to the stock with pillars
weigh each charge
Turn the case necks
True the face of the action

Go to the range again.
Shoot a second base line.
I should be ~ 1.5"

Now spend $300 for a factory lapped bull barrel

Go to the range.
Shoot a 3rd base line.
It should be ~ 0.5"
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