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Accurizing a rifle

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Hey everyone. I had a few questions about what you could do to make a rifle more accurate. the things i really know of are pillar bedding and glass bedding the stock ( im not sure what one is better). and there were a few other things. I really want to be able to do a lot of work at home because it would be enjoyable to me and i wont have to find a gunsmith because i live in NJ and you cant find any haha. So i was hopeing you could tell me what projects could be done to enhance my rifle preformace that i would be able to do myself and if some requires a little training i would like to know anyway bc i would like to be tought stuff. again i would like to do a lot on my own because it would be fun and feel good knowing i did the work on my rifle.... Thanks for your time!!
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few remington 700's couple savages. i was kinda thinking in general what things are usually done you know what mean?
Can't help you any with the Savages, just did a trigger job on one a couple months ago and that required stoning the sear. I have very little contact with that brand by choice.

The Remington’s, a few things you can do right off the bat to improve accuracy is bed the action and free float the barrel, check the muzzle and if it requires, adjust the trigger to a more acceptable level.

I tend to disagree with “spitfire_er”, I do not bed any contact points on the barrel, I float it entirely (from the recoil lug forward)

When lapping the lugs on the bolt after the rifle has had a barrel already installed can result in excessive headspace if great care is not taken, the process is usually done to stripped receivers before the barrels are chambered.

I agree with “Jim H” in that to truly ring out the accuracy of any firearm, you have to find the right load for it and that usually entails handloading.
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