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Parker O. Ackley developed a large number of "improved" cartridges over a goodly number of years. Some were good, a few very good and some not worthwhile, according to Ackley. The amount of improvement depended largely upon the amount of taper that could be removed from the case, giving increased capacity. leaving sufficient for extraction of the case. If the case was already near ideal capacity for the bore size, then the increase would be slight. If it was below the ideal capacity, then the increase would be substantial. In addition, Ackley worked carefully with individual rifles and would work to find the maximum loads, which might not be suitable in a different chamber or barrel.

A number of other advantages were demonstrated for the improved cartridges, including longer case life and less stretch of the cases. Some people swore by them; others swore at them. They require extra work to form and reload for, with small increases at times. Some simply want something different.

At best you might get a 10% increase in velocity, but 5% was more common. And, today, with some of the new powders, you may get those increases with cautious reloading and no "improvement" in the case. It is difficult to generalize, but fun to discuss.

Hope this helps.

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