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They are no longer made and haven't been for awhile(mid 80's?) so yes, they will have some value to shotshell collectors but there are probably less that 1,000 serious shotshell collectors world wide so there's not a big market. They would surely be worth the cost of a new box of shells, which is pretty stiff these days! ACTIV made several different variations in hull design/markings and boxes, all of which matter to collectors so what you have may or may not be special and condition is critical.

GunBroker and other such sites will have them but they are usually over-priced and don't sell very well. Something in the $15-20 range would be reasonable for a full box in pristine condition for run-or-the-mill ACTIVs. I collect shotshells and would be interested if you want to PM me, especially with pics of the boxes. You'll need pics for auction sites too.

If you intend to shoot them, some collectors like fired hulls (especially Europeans) and the boxes will be of the most value down the line so keeping some of those in pristine condition would be wise, IMO.

If you question the condition of the shot, suggest you open up one and check but I doubt they would be fussed. These were made as waterfowl loads before steel was required and the shot will not rust (nickle plated lead).
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