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advice for loading the 458 lott

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I'm looking for some proven loads to go to Africa when I get there. I have a cz 550 and am going to use 500 gn bullets. Probably hornadys but not sold on that yet. I'm looking to be in the 2250 fps range. I dont want to have any sticky bolts or anything when I get to the heat of Africa. Any loads out there or powders that seem to be well suited for what I'm trying to do? Thanks.
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:D We're all too poor to be doing what you are. ;):D Just me, but I'd stick to the factory ammo on an African trip.
452AA is way too fast to use in a 45/70. Pick something slower in burn rate. And not to mention, I haven't seen any info on where the Henry is on action strength. Better find that out before loading anything for it.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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