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advice for loading the 458 lott

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I'm looking for some proven loads to go to Africa when I get there. I have a cz 550 and am going to use 500 gn bullets. Probably hornadys but not sold on that yet. I'm looking to be in the 2250 fps range. I dont want to have any sticky bolts or anything when I get to the heat of Africa. Any loads out there or powders that seem to be well suited for what I'm trying to do? Thanks.
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Yeah I had a former hunting buddy who thought he would save a few bucks on ammo needed for his African hunting trip. Shot numberous animals but never could find them but had too pay the fees never the less. He blamed everything--gun, scope, guide, god and the weather but never his el cheapo ammo attitude.. If you can afford the airline tickets and hunting fees then you can afford couple hundred bucks for the ammo.
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