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Advise a tenderfoot, please.

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Am being offered a Rem Model Seven from the factory custom shop. It's a hunting rifle configuration. Some questions:

Are Model Sevens good?
What does the custom shop do to those guns that makes them 'custom'?
Seller is asking 800 for a rifle that retails for 1300. However, in asking around, people have told me to save my money...that the custom shop rifles aren't all that special, that I'm better off with a secondhand Model Seven or 700 or 70,and put the
extra money into a trigger and/or accurizing job.
Is that true? I do like the rifle, and if your input is positive, I'd like to buy it.
Seller states that the rifle is unfired.
What is a fair price to offer?

Thanks to all
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it would be helpful to know which model and caliber the rifle is in. It's claimed the Custom Shop uses different barrels, and often different calibers are available. Of the two Remington CS guns I've shot, they where very nice and accurate. Unless it's in a configuration that you just have to have, and is not available in the regular catalog, I'd be dubious of spending the extra money for it. Remington triggers can be adjusted to levels that are very acceptable for field work.

One other thing to consider, the CS rifle will hold it's value much, much, much better than a rack rifle that so'n so worked on and put a new trigger on and did this'n that to. If you ever tire of the rifle, or just plain decide you don't like it, you'll get much more of your money back than on a tinkered with, warranty voided, rack rifle.
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NIB for $800? It's a steal! MSR, according to Remington's website, is $1332. You'd be laying out around $1K if you ordered one from a dealer who gave you good pricing. What caliber?
Good luck with it, if you decide to get it. I'm sure you won't be dissapointed with this rifle for the money.
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