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Advise a tenderfoot, please.

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Am being offered a Rem Model Seven from the factory custom shop. It's a hunting rifle configuration. Some questions:

Are Model Sevens good?
What does the custom shop do to those guns that makes them 'custom'?
Seller is asking 800 for a rifle that retails for 1300. However, in asking around, people have told me to save my money...that the custom shop rifles aren't all that special, that I'm better off with a secondhand Model Seven or 700 or 70,and put the
extra money into a trigger and/or accurizing job.
Is that true? I do like the rifle, and if your input is positive, I'd like to buy it.
Seller states that the rifle is unfired.
What is a fair price to offer?

Thanks to all
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The rifle is a MS...a cute little Mannlicher. The laminate does kinda remind you of some sort of construction material, but nice construction material.

The rifle is billed as NIB, unfired, he won it someplace, maybe a banquet, and has already sold the Leupold 3x9 scope that came on it. So he is already waaay ahead.
I am going to try and buy it. I just hope I didn't tick off the seller with all my questions, doubts and delays.
No did not buy it. I offered 700 but the seller would not move.
Pity. Thanks to all for the good advice.
Thank you Nitro, you are right on the money...And ---no disrespect to you, LG, but why should I not try to get the most for my hard-earned? Especially given that, ultimately, things like that rifle are very much a specialty item and a luxury. I have a 30-06. I have a couple Lee-Enfields. I can hunt whitetail for the rest of my life with any of those rifles.
I don't NEED it, I can do without it. There is no urgency. Pretty much anybody who's likely to get interested in such a gun will be in a similar situation. And in downtimes, luxury goods are often hard to sell, as has been the case with that rifle. Last week the seller had a buyer. This week he's ready to bargain...some. Am I being unfair to the guy? No, I don't think so, given that there is nothing deceptive about my communication. Factor in the fact that the man won the rifle, and it seems to me things are pretty square.

And on a related topic...I've come across a Steyr L in .243, full stock, middlin' scope mounted, exc. condition claimed. Man wants 1200. Thoughts?
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1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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