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Advise a tenderfoot, please.

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Am being offered a Rem Model Seven from the factory custom shop. It's a hunting rifle configuration. Some questions:

Are Model Sevens good?
What does the custom shop do to those guns that makes them 'custom'?
Seller is asking 800 for a rifle that retails for 1300. However, in asking around, people have told me to save my money...that the custom shop rifles aren't all that special, that I'm better off with a secondhand Model Seven or 700 or 70,and put the
extra money into a trigger and/or accurizing job.
Is that true? I do like the rifle, and if your input is positive, I'd like to buy it.
Seller states that the rifle is unfired.
What is a fair price to offer?

Thanks to all
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Why offer 7 when the guy is asking 8 and you know it is worth 13+? I do not understand.:confused:
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