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Advise a tenderfoot, please.

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Am being offered a Rem Model Seven from the factory custom shop. It's a hunting rifle configuration. Some questions:

Are Model Sevens good?
What does the custom shop do to those guns that makes them 'custom'?
Seller is asking 800 for a rifle that retails for 1300. However, in asking around, people have told me to save my money...that the custom shop rifles aren't all that special, that I'm better off with a secondhand Model Seven or 700 or 70,and put the
extra money into a trigger and/or accurizing job.
Is that true? I do like the rifle, and if your input is positive, I'd like to buy it.
Seller states that the rifle is unfired.
What is a fair price to offer?

Thanks to all
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I believe you'll get a stock of superior construction, the metal finish on the ones I've seen has been a little bit better in terms of polish. Whether they actually do any action squaring or bolt lapping seems open to opinion.

The rifle is basically a sound little unit although I would spend the dollars for an after market trigger and I dislike all the Remington safeties and would also upgrade to a model 70 type cocking piece and safety. I would guess that will amount to 250 or 300 US$ but you may not be unhappy with the factory parts.

If the price of a new standard grade model 7 is comparable to the price of the custom shop rifle (used) I would probably opt for the custom shop rifle to satisfy my curiosity providing it is in near new condition and has been shot little.

Why is it up for sale? If you can get a straight answer to that question you might know better where to jump.

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The MS is quite a sweet little rifle. I would be tempted if it were in this area. If it's new in the box it is certainly worth serious consideration.
Actually I'd up the ante. It's a very good buy at the price asked.
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