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Age and iron sights...

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I initially set up my Rem700 with iron sights to compete in NRA long range matches.
Since then my eyesight has deteriorated in the near vision range and I can no longer use the sights.
I know which scope I'm leaning toward but would like to sell my 1/4MOA Warner iron sights and a high quality front sight with a level and Merit aperture eyecup before getting the new scope.
Does anyone have a resource for selling these? I've been referred to an NRA website that is no hitting.
Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
steve burns
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I've used "GunsAmerica" to sell several gun associated items. The charge for selling such an item is quite low on that site. Good Luck!
It happens to all of us!
We try to do the best that we can.
I have had outstanding results (100% success) with . I also have had the same luck with
I also have excel l ent success with this site (shooters forum)
Good luck.

When you reach 25 post you may advertize them here in the trading post.

Try the Campfire too.
Firpo it happens to us all sooner or later! Now just getting to that age is almost like getting a merit-badge. :D:D

I have to have an operation to remove the "dog-gone" cataracts on both my eyes. The wife just got it done here 3 weeks ago and then she had new lenses put in each eye. She now see's 20-20 in one eye and 15-20 in the other eye. Oh yeah! The cost was 4-Grand for those lenses. I told her she should have done that 30 years ago. Then she said: Dummy! they didn't have them back then.:D

Medicare paid most of the $$$ for my new lens' (both eyes, Spring 2012), making my out-of-pocket $600 total - but the ops were the real deal for my vision, since I no longer need glasses for distance, just close-up/reading.

I'm just glad I can still shoot effectively with irons - especially fibre-optics in the smaller bead size.

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