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Age and iron sights...

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I initially set up my Rem700 with iron sights to compete in NRA long range matches.
Since then my eyesight has deteriorated in the near vision range and I can no longer use the sights.
I know which scope I'm leaning toward but would like to sell my 1/4MOA Warner iron sights and a high quality front sight with a level and Merit aperture eyecup before getting the new scope.
Does anyone have a resource for selling these? I've been referred to an NRA website that is no hitting.
Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
steve burns
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Medicare paid most of the $$$ for my new lens' (both eyes, Spring 2012), making my out-of-pocket $600 total - but the ops were the real deal for my vision, since I no longer need glasses for distance, just close-up/reading.

I'm just glad I can still shoot effectively with irons - especially fibre-optics in the smaller bead size.

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