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Age and iron sights...

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I initially set up my Rem700 with iron sights to compete in NRA long range matches.
Since then my eyesight has deteriorated in the near vision range and I can no longer use the sights.
I know which scope I'm leaning toward but would like to sell my 1/4MOA Warner iron sights and a high quality front sight with a level and Merit aperture eyecup before getting the new scope.
Does anyone have a resource for selling these? I've been referred to an NRA website that is no hitting.
Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
steve burns
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Firpo it happens to us all sooner or later! Now just getting to that age is almost like getting a merit-badge. :D:D

I have to have an operation to remove the "dog-gone" cataracts on both my eyes. The wife just got it done here 3 weeks ago and then she had new lenses put in each eye. She now see's 20-20 in one eye and 15-20 in the other eye. Oh yeah! The cost was 4-Grand for those lenses. I told her she should have done that 30 years ago. Then she said: Dummy! they didn't have them back then.:D
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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