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Aguila Minishells

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Anyone tried these for defense work? I've tried the 12 GA 4B+1B (7 4s and 4 1s)and they are impressive. Mine mike 1.34 inches COL and clock 1150 fps with remarkably low recoil. Essentially, they double the capacity of your magazine.

Catch is that they don't cycle well in all pumps - good in Win 1300 and less than perfect in Rem 870. Since I have an 870, I'm wondering how it might be modified (Aguila instructions say this is a simple fix).
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My own limited experience of one box of Minishells parallels loader's. I got about 50% feeding with them in my 870HD. I don't know all what it entails to modify the gun for 100% reliability, but since recoil isn't a grave concern for me I'm not worried. It would be nice though for the urban gunowner in riot-prone areas to have the capability of 11 shots in an 18" barrelled shotgun. Hopefully someone will come up with a drop-in shell lifter that can do the trick.
One would think that Aguila would've made sure their baby shells work flawlessly in the 870, considering its virtual domination of the LE pumpgun category both here and abroad.:confused:
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