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Alox Causing Cancer (false alarm in the end)

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To the member previously posting a link on this topic - I went to delete the link in your post as you hadn't included a description of the link as we request so that others may decide if they care to click it on to read. In the process, I managed to delete your entire post.

Please repost if desired, but this time you need to include a short description of the link's content. Thank you.
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Well standing on the wrong end of a gun causes death too, but most of us are smart enough not to do that. I would hope that most of us aren't eating Alox bullet lube even though it's not the same stuff that they're talking about in the study.
Reminds me of the one about di-Hydrogen Oxide.
unclenick is 100 percent correct our Alox is also called Cosmoline and is a rust inhibitor.

"BUT" scientists have discovered that orange juice causes cancer in gay rats. :eek:

P.S. To be on the safe side don't eat your bullets.
To reiterate, the ALOX referred to has NOTHING to do with the bullet lube marketed as Alox. This is not even a case of 'better safe than sorry'. This is a case of someone reading and jumping (leaping, rocket assisted sky high) to conclusions.
There is no linkage, and even a cursory read of the article shows that they are not talking about Alox bullet lubricant.
This post needs to be removed or have its title amended to Alox Causes Cancer (NOT!) to avoid misleading people.
I have cancer in my throat/neck (a temporary situation, by God' word). My Dr. is a well known Oncologist that works with the University of Oregon, so I think he knows what he's talking about. When I was first diagnosed one of my questions was, of course, "What caused it?". He said something to the effect that today medicine has ideas where it comes from but can't put a finger on the real cause (except for the obvious ones like smoking, chemicals, etc.). I think just living causes cancer, and I'm positive living in Los Angeles does! :eek:So, when a "study" comes out about something causing cancer, I take that info with a grain of salt (but wait, salt causes cancer and high blood pressure, alas...)

P.S. I've been shooting handguns for 40+ years and reloading for mebbe 20+, and casting for 10 years. I surely didn't get cancer from that, including alox which I use a lot on cast boolits. But to be safe like mentioned above, while I'm out shooting,I won't chew on my .44 cal. 265 gr. LFN alox lubed boolits...:D
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I'll do what Al suggested to amend the title. I don't want to remove it in case this rumor has legs elsewhere and someone needs to find the correction. I also think this false alarm has run its course, so I'll close the thread, too.
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