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Ralph McLaney,

Just for your information, Pittmann-Robertson was passed at the instigation of the hunting community many years ago with the specific intent that those funds would be used explicitly for conservation purposes. While what you say about a differential tax being illegal would normally be true, this one was passed at the request of the body which would be taxed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the only tax of which I am aware that the people have requested be imposed on them. This is the best example of the republinan form of government working for the people.

Just in case anyone reading this objects to that last sentence, the United States is a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy, in spite of what the Democratic party wishes were true. And, thank GOD for this, if we were a Democracy and subject to the whims of public opinion, our Constitutional Rights, and not just the 2nd Ammendment, would have been gone many years ago!
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