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american pioneer powder

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Has anyone been using american pioneer powder?They say it's not corrosive any non fouling,sounds good but I'd like to hear it from someone that has used it.
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its corrosive but not like blackpowder or pyrodex. You still need to clean it at the end of the day if you like your rifle.

i will be shooting more of it today. One thing is for certain, it wants a tight loading sabot or a big heavy conical in order to maintain accuracy.
Terry, try primers like the Winchester 777, Remington Kleanbore or CCI Inline MZL primers. If you use hot primers, you'll get a hard build up down at the breech end.
actually the (sucks water out of the air) is very untrue. Ive had rifles loaded for a week and 2 weeks and both shot their original POI. Now if the powder does get wet, it basically will turn into a hard "Pellet" I had it happen while testing a rusted barrel, the nipple threads were letting condensation get to the powder in the bolster and it was a solid block. Fired off perfectly. Some teflon tape on the threads sealed it off from moisture after seeing that, i do it on all of my sidelocks. Consistent seating pressure is the most important thing to do while shooting the powder. You have to seat the bullet until you feel the powder compress, then its ready. It likes hard seating.
American Pioneer likes a very tight packing job. Dont get crazy though and pound on top of the bullet, Just lean your upper body weight into it.

I was shooting jim shockeys gold yesterday out at the NRA and with a new rifle. I used 80gr JSG 3f with a 295gr powerbelt. Here are my 3 shots @ 200 yards.

I most likely will shoot american pioneer 2F if it though.
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1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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