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william iorg said:
While looking up some articles for Timberwolfe I remembered the old American Reloaders Association Bullitains. The ARAB was put out in the '60's by Dean Grennel. Contributers were P.O. Ackley, Homer Powley, Robert Hutton, Dan Cotterman and the general membership.

The .444 generated a lot of interesting discussion in these early days.

In October '66 a fellow named Frank Hemsted predicted the .307 and .356 Winchester cartridges. His predictions of performance were very close to reality. Mr. Hemsted really wanted a .375/.444.

In the 1979 Gun Digest Myron Rockett wrote on his .444/308 wildact built on a M-94 action. His performance closely paralled the current .307 cartridge. This was before the Big Bore with its action cheeks to give a little extra lock-up strength.

We are very lucky to have the wide variety of components and forums such as this to share information. While the Anti-Gun groups and silly laws have grown steadily over the years we shooters have more interesting guns and components to play with now than I ever dreamed possible back then.

Wow! I was a personal friend of Frank Hemsted! He lived in Sunland, California. He was known as "Hempy", of Hempy's Bullets. It was a garage operation, swaging copper-jacketed bullets. He pre-dated Lee Jurras (Super-Vel) and Corbin. He was a master machinist, gunsmith, rifle builder, etc. I believe he was the real pioneer of jacketed handgun bullets. He died in the early 1970's.

I also belonged to the ARA (charter member). It was connected with Gun World magazine. I have most of the issues of their bulletin.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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