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IRRC, the .32 Rimfire is a heeled bullet cartridge, like the .22 LR, L, and S., so the case is the same diameter as the bullet. That means a conventional straight centerfire case, like a .32 S&W Long won't fit without rechambering.

Sleeving would be tough, because the sleeve would have to be bored off center to get the .22 LR rim under the firing pin.

It seems to me there was a cartridge called the .19 Calhoun that was a conversion for rimfire actions, but was a centerfire cartridge. The gunsmith who came up with it (I'll leave you to guess the name) did a conversion of .22 bolts to centerfire. I don't know any specifics, but in the abstract it doesn't seen like it would be rocket science. If your gun were operated on to get a centerfire firing pin in place, it might be rechambered for a straight wall case. I hate to try to be more specific because I don't recall what the groove diameter for the .32 Long Rimfire is? But, converted to .32 S&W Long, the skirt of a hollow base wadcutter might fill it just fine? Liners are also available for .32 caliber, too, including some .311's for either .32 S&W Long or .32-20 (if your action can handle the much higher pressure - about 30,000 psi max).

At some point Navy Arms had .32 Long RF made in Mexico. This place advertises it, but says they're out of stock. You could call and see if they expect to get more in?
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