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It's not a simple answer because the cartridge doesn't achieve peak pressure instantly, so there will always be a little soot on the case.

It actually shouldn't be too hard to calculate, just need to know the elastic limit for 70/30 cartridge brass in a tensile load, and how thick it is, and crunch the numbers. I forget off the top of my head and am too tired to go look it up right this instant....

But yeah, those were loaded very light, or powder was way too slow and a lot of powder gas leaked out before the pressure peak, or a combination of the two.

Factory .45 Colt is around 14,000CUP, or even less, and generally they seal up OK.

I personally steer clear of 'garage brand' reloads myself....

Pretty good WAGs, Ribbonstone, I would say. You'd think 10K CUP would do it....
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