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Has anybody had any problems with Federal Power-Flite .22LR in their Marlin 39?
I have a 1965 Golden 39A rifle, and twice I had the rim rupture on a Federal Power-Flite LR cartridge ,blowing back on my face. The case had a split across the rim about 45degrees from point of firing pin contact.
Could something be wrong with the rifle ,such as the bolt not locking tight enough with the cartridge?
I haven't had the rifle long, and maybe shot 200+ rounds of mostly Remington Thunderbolt LR ,and less than a box of shorts and CB longs. This is the only problem that I've had ,and I really love this old rifle !This is my first Marlin ,but not my first lever-gun ,and I'm impressed with the over-all classic quality.
I would appreciate any suggestions.Thank you.
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