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The latest offering of the NRA’s Firearms Classics Library is “An Illustrated Treatise on The Art of Shooting” by Charles Lancaster. Lancaster is of course a rather well known name in the British gun world. For anyone interested in bird shooting in general and the muzzle loading shotgun in particular this is a very interesting book. There is a good amount of information on taking birds at various approach angles and on the selection and use of shot. This is an interesting book.
This book is available on Google books at the link below but the opportunity to hold it in your lap while sitting in an easy chair is pretty nice.

This book is a combined printing with: The Art of Shooting with the Rifle by Sir H. St. John Halford. This book, printed in 1888 is very interesting giving information on prone and back shooting positions. There is an interesting short chapter on powder, fouling and charge weights. An interesting little book.
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