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variations in time of dying

I can add another reason for some animals dying faster then others.
Speaking exclusively about Whitetail Deer,the "attitude"at the time of being struck by a bullet,determines how quickly the animal will die.
If he is at ease,and unsuspecting,in my experience,he will die on the spot. I have never had a standing Deer move more then two steps after the shot.
A Deer on high alert,moving slowly,will travel about 20 or 30 yards before dying.
A running Deer,or one who had just completed a run,will run another 50 or 60 yards before dying.
This is assuming that he is hit in a vital area with a "proper" bullet,like a Hornaday Interlock,and at enough velocity.
Results achieved with wrong bullets and wrong calibers,is just a crapshoot.
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