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Hello from Scotland~

There has been much said on here recently concerning bullet types, performance on animals.Personally i favour a bullet capable of complete penatrating its simply more verstile it can be used for head shots low neck shots or even to break both legs to help drop the animal if needs be. You have the confidence that your bullet will not fail.

Basically if a bullet is placed though the cheast (boiler room) it will likely hit some thing IMPORTANT ! lungs, heart ,liver or artery which will in all likelyhood be "Fatal" unless you have medical attention on hand.

How ever this does not mean it will "fall over" on the spot which can be rather annoying and can result in trouble recovering the carcass, unless you have a dog trained to blood scent on hand.

A point often over looked is indavidual animals react, different species can react very different as can animals within the same species.

An example when i worked in a slaughter house the pigs were stunned with eletric tones whilst knocked out they were winched up and bled whilst out cold. BUT due to hair, dirt , breed,type or pig some were much more resistant to the eletricity ! Even within the same lot and breed of pigs the occasional animal would "fight" the tongs ! Which normally knock them out cold as soon as they touched the temples.

Certain species have gained a reputation for being harder to kill than others ?? For example Sika deer in Britain have a reputation for being hard with .30 cal recommended as minum. Yet they are not the biggest deer speciesw we have.

The humble ***** cat "Nine lives" ?? Why ? Well personally i have found some feral cats can take an amazing amount of killing ! I have seen one take 8 hits from tightly choked 12 bores using No.5 shot at 25-30 yards !! When its nine lives were over it looked like a caulinder and must have weighed an extra couple of pounds !

Shot one with a .243 100gn sp very low cheast shot, dispite the fact its LUNGS were lying on the ground were it was shot it ran about 12 feet !! You or i would have simply died ! But not this Kitty...........

Just like people "some" animals can survive amazing things whilst other die with minium troma.....................

Have you ever shot a "SUPER" animal ???

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